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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thanks for waking up early and joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. first up april check on the weather. a lot going on. already a lot going on as far as changes from yesterday. clouds are out there already, a few sprinkles outside of the north bay blue radar returns means light rain, santa rosa said we are getting a little now. it is light and in the north bay. the heavier rain still north with cold front moving into crescent city and eureka. the better part of today the rain is going to stay in the north bay the rest of us mostly cloudy with sprinkles, low to upper 60s bay, mid to upper 60s inland. it was wet coming through marin county, san rafael, misting and wet roads about an hour ago. golden gate bridge relatively
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dry, roadwork on the north part of the span in the process of being picked up light traffic there. couple of issues, eastbound 580 at grant line accident blocking left lane. southbound 88 580 marina on and off-ramps, affected by an accident. roadwork eastbound highway 4 at loveridge for another half an hour. we have breaking news from redwood city. crews on the scene of a water main break on brewsster avenue and warren near the san mateo county government center -- two hopes have been flooded crews are using pumps to remove water from the basement of those two homes. more breaking news from tel aviv. there's been an attack on a security guard at the u.s. embassy. a spokeswoman says a man tacked a guard this morning with a knife and a injuring that guard in the leg. one witness described the weapon as a pitchfork. guards took the man into
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custody. he's a 41-year-old israeli man with mental health problems. we'll continue to follow the story and bring more information as soon as it comes in. we've learned overnight that president obama is sending secretary of state clinton to the mideast today to help mediate an end to the bloody conflict between israel and the palestinians. the u.s. navy is positioning three ships in the remote chance american citizens might need to be evacuate from israel. amid talk of cease-fire there's a steady stream of rocket fire. israel is ready to escalate operations if a deal cannot be reached. it has been amassing ground forces along the border for days, missiles killed 113 in gaza, almost half civilians. more than 700 rockets have landed in israel, three have been killed there. in the bay area, in about
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90 minutes the morning shift at the port will have to cross a picket line get to work. amy hollyfield is live at the port. this is going on at oakland airport. >> reporter: that's right this is scheduled to start at 6:00, the second phase of the strike. the first phase started last night. they've picketed at oakland international airport. this is the union that represents maintenance and janitorial workers who work at the port offices. the port authority is asking the union to contribute 5% to their own retirement fund. the union says the strike has been called because of unfair labor practices. they are claiming port was withholding financial information required for bargaining purposes. >> all of our financials are fully available online. we've been fully transparent and working with them and answered all questions.
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>> they have this arrogant attitude that they think they can get away with anything. they've withheld this information we've requested, requested, we go on strike now they will send it to us. >> reporter: the union says the package of documents, has been delivered. seiu is hoping other unions like the teamsters will join them and help stop the flow of work. occupy oakland has put out a plea for supporters of that movement to come out and join them. this is scheduled to get started at 6:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. another strike set for today, starting 7:00 this morning, nurses at 10 sutter health hospitals plan to protest what they say are cuts to patient care standards and nurses' benefits. 1500 nurses will hold a one-day strike. another 3300 will strike for two days at eight sutter hill
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hops. the hospitals are hiring replacement workers. we'll have a full list of those locations on see on it on tv. catholic diocese says the pastor of cabrini school is stepping down as it releases copy of a letter that allowed a registered sex offender to volunteer at a children's event. >> reporter: the diocese of san jose won't say why father lieu vu is stepping down one month after an incident that left parents outraged. during the school's festival fundraiser a group of parents noticed that mark gurries, registered sex offender was volunteering at the event. parents urged the father to do something the pastor was said to resist and told parents to be compassionate. >> we tried to explain we told
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him we are your find , we are looking out for the children, we have to. and -- it just seem ha like he should have immediately felt the same way >> reporter: the father kept referring to the letter gurries had allowing him to attend events where children would be present. the diocese released the litter but covered up who signed off on it. bishop mcgrath never authorized it. the diocese says it was not prepared by a current employee. not everyone is happy about the resignation many parents say he did good for the school. the bishop is taking immediate steps to adopt a policy in which registered sex 0 tpepbld would no longer be -- offenders would no longer be able to volunteer. when it comes to public nudity san francisco may decide it is too much to bear. board is set to vote on an
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ordinance to ban nudity in publics. some say it is out of hand critics say the ordinance goes too far. >> richmond city council is scheduled to discuss chevron's repair plan tonight. the choice of metal for the new pipes could complicate rebuilding. for now chevron has agreed to wait to install its choice of pipe. corrosion caused a fire that sent 15,000 to hospitals. chevron wants to replace the failed carbon sealed pipe with something called chrome nine. the safety board says that might not be the best choice. pacific northwest taking a pounding from a storm that mike says is heading our way, oregon and washington are dealing with flash flooding, power outage and prompt damage. an elk hunter tide when a tree
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snapped and fell -- hunter died when a free snapped and fell on to his pent. -- on to his tent. [ unintelligible ] >> our drive in was dry. >> right. >> looks like it still is. mike is watching closely when that rain will arrive. a little drizzle, very, very faint, gives you an idea how moist the atmosphere is. steadier light rain in the north bay, blues even a few greens as it is sporadic now in the north bay. from inverness up towards santa rosa and mount st. helena where we are seeing our leading edge moving almost west to east more of a
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northerly component as winds are coming out of the southwest southwest it is going to stay up there for the better part of today temperatures mild, when you step out, livermore 48, fairfield 52, everybody else mid to upper 50s, because of the southeast wind that is pumping up mild and moist air mass that will bring a few sprinkles for the morning light rain north, north you stay in the light from noon to 4:00, the rest of us will see rain move into our neighborhoods during the evening and overnight. showers taper tomorrow afternoon to partly cloudy, dry for thursday and shopping friday. so far, so good. bay bridge toll, everything is calm and light, no problems at this hour on the upper deck heading into the city, a couple of incident, update eastbound 580 grant line accident in the left lane
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reverse commute you can see silt slowing a buy-out of tracy from -- 205 southbound 88 580 marina, on and off-ramps blocked, road books clear with the green. southbound 80 to 980, to 16th oakland area, two lanes southbound from 980 to 16th. bart system wide will have extra trains tomorrow to both airports and on sunday. thursday, thanksgiving day, bart will have sunday service which means service begins at 8 a.m.. 4:40. >> investigation into that explosion that leveled a midwest neighborhood takes a new twist. why homicide detectives are now involved. may be a new twist in the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. who a new documentary suggests may have been the killer. before cold & flu season, help prevent
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welcome back. i thought we would mention streets getting wet, king ridge road, calistoga road, dillon beach road, a few of the streets that have light rain in the north bay. 4:43. the fbi says four men with ties to southern california have been charged for plotting to join al-qaeda to commit violent jihad against americans. according to documents, a 34-year-old naturalize citizen from afghanistan is accused of three younger men. one of the men served in the air force. the fbi files indicate the four were planning to unite at an al-qaeda training camp in afghanistan plotting to kill americans and destroy u.s.
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targets overseas. if convicted they face up to 15 years. natural gas explosion that ripped through indianapolis neighborhood november 10th, is now a homicide investigation. investigators believe the blast occurred in a vacant home killing a couple living next door and damaging dozens of homes. investigators are offering reward on information about a suspicious white van seen several times near the home that exploded. $10,000 reward is being offered. new documentary suggests a death row inmate in florida may have been involved in the cite of o.j. simpson simpson's ex-wife and her friend. glen rogers convicted of killing whip in florida and california, also a murder suspect in several other states. his family says he met nicole brown simpson in 1994 when he lived in southern california. a criminal profiler says
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rogers' paintings may contain clues to the murder case. o.j. simpson was acquitted of those murders and no one else was ever charged >> 4:45. next, carrying its own weight. big milestone caltrans is marking today in the construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. medical controversy, major health group says every adult in the u.s.
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welcome back. mid to upper 60s with southerly flow best chance of rain in the bay today. if you are traveling we have 40s across the northern border, 50s and 60s until you get to new orleans and dallas, 70s, 82 in phoenix. even with the rain not seeing many delays.
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amid west no problems, around portland towards us where we are are going to have issues with weather-related delays today and tonight. check out our flight tracker construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge has reached another milestone. caltrans says the suspension cables are now supporting the full weight of the new span until now road deck was held up by supports underneath. from this point on, cables are holding up the new deck which weighs more than 35,000 tons. the bridge is the world's largest self-anchored suspension bridge. federal funding helping san francisco police get drunk drivers off the road. nick smith reports. >> reporter: that's what the san francisco police department wants to hear.
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>> we drink one or two glasses of wine, moderate. >> reporter: police increasing dui patrol to educate public about the risk of driving under the influence and taking vie ray fors off the street. >> isx÷[z came -- i came with my kids i'm not going to ding. >> reporter: the game between the 49ers and bears brought out thousands of fans and the empty bottles left behind suggest drinking is part of the pregame ritual. sfpd wouldn't say how many officers were working but a plan was put in motion by a six figure grant. getting a d ui is expensive. spokesperson told me that a first time offense -- can be as much as 15,000 dollars. nick smith, abc7 news. executives with hostess will sit down with union
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leaders today in a last attempt to end a strike. hostess asked a bankruptcy judge yesterday to approve its plan to sell off assets that was put on hold when the judge said both sides need to try mediation to work out a deal first. workers went on strike after hostess imposed a new contract. target says it will open on thanksgiving night, despite opposition from workers. target employee delivered boxes of petitions to company headquarters minneapolis yesterday, asking the retailer to stop the early black friday opening. the petition drive has more than 360,000 signatures. some employees say having to work on thanksgiving will prevent them from seeing their families. >> they are setting themselves up to maybe next year open all day on thanksgiving. >> that's why i thought something needed to be done. >> target says many stores have more volunteers who want
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to work on thanksgiving, than are shifts available. if you plan to shop on black friday, check out, we've compiled a list of stores that are opening thanksgiving day. you can browse all black friday sale ads. urgent need to help feed needy families in san francisco, the food bank received almost 700 turkeys over the weekend, officials say they still need 1,000 more. they expect to give away 3200 turkeys to other agencies. the mayor's office announced they will pitch in 100 birds to help meet that need. >> at sacred heart in san jose they are still about 200 turkeys shy to fill food baskets. volunteers are distributing everything needed to 4,000 families. the distribution continues today and tomorrow. >> that's a lot of progress since yesterday morning. >> when they needed 1,000,
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absolutely. the big thing we are watching is when that rain will come, as people start to travel today what do you have? >> rain in the north bay, everyone else okay. here's the embarcadero center, all pretty this morning, clouds are back, made for a mild morning. north bay is where our best radar returns are, light blue and a little light green, lighter rain to sprinkles up there. as we put this into motion and watch the last three hours, storm system coming from the southwest, pushing the storms to the north, east-northeast mainly going to stay in the north bay, we have scattered sprinkles, heading towards the peninsula coast i wouldn't be surprised if you get a few drips this morning. by far the light rain will be up north. 48 livermore. everybody else pretty much in the mid to upper 50s,
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fairfield 52. monterey -- low 50s around salinas, monterey and santa cruz. today's ran stays in the north bay, a -- today's rain stays in the north bay. steadier rain tonight through tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon through monday it is going to be dry. you can see steadier north yellow going to pick up a little this afternoon as cold front draws near, mid to upper 60s everywhere even the coast. mid 60s monterey bay mid to upper 60s inland no threat of rain until the overnight hours. traveling the state today, sacramento north up to chico, eureka, mt. shasta that area getting rain with high elevation snow. cloudy in tahoe today 53, tonight low to mid 50s, widespread rain moving through
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during the overnight hours, cold front will get a little kick by in disturbance behind it and start to accelerate front during the evening and overnight, 7:00 morning through noon best returns still across north bay even at 5:00, by midnight to about 3:00 in the morning heavier, steadier rain moves through the bay exiting the south bay tomorrow 7:00 by noon gone quarter to half inch around the bay probably half that in the south bay, double that in the north bay, one to two inches in the mountains. thanksgiving through monday, no travel worries, no shopping worries as far as the weather goes. if your commute takes across the san mateo bridge it is looking good, both directions particularly the commute westbound if you head from the toll towards the highrise and san mateo area eastbound good, headlights towards hayward, no delays. eastbound 580 grant line still
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accident blocking left lane, reverse direction, you can see westbound minor slowing towards the altamont pass. southbound 88 580 marina earlier accident cleared. roadwork, 101 between the embarcadero and university, for a few minutes in both directs of 101. southbound 880, roadwork from 980 to 16, reports of a stalled big rig southbound 880 at 98. fremont police are warning people in the community about a recent surge in so-called chain snatches. the last month at least five people had gold chains stolen, two were ripped off the victims, two suspects under arrest, police think they are part of a larger ring. police say it is not just gold, iphones and ipods also on the attackers' want list. >> we are telling people if you are going on walks don't put both air buds in your ears,
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keep one out be aware of your surroundings. >> fremont police have come up with a slogan to remind people to stay save: remove it, lock it or loose it. illegal counterfeiting network company seized nearly two million fake s traced to a san diego factory. days after reports that -- high caffeine energy drink may be hreufrpbled to 13 deaths. -- may be linked to 13 deaths. fda is investigating. influential government panel wants more people to be tested for the virus that causes aids recommending everyone between 15 and 65 be tested for hiv, not just people considered to be at high risk. task force screening should be routine part of a checkup.
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follow breaking news on the peninsula, water mine break turned a street near the county -- water main break turned a street near the -- into a small river. michael finney making sure your kids get the hot toys on your holiday list.
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